Today the federal government  announced new rules that may allow homeowners who are struggling borrowers to refinance their mortgages at today’s ultra-low rates by  reducing monthly payments for some homeowners. The goal is that the monthly savings could provide a …

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The bad News; If you have to sell your home in Wake County North Carolina where 100% of Raleigh is located, the value of your home is falling faster than our presidents job approval ratings!

After the time and money spent adorning the home, there is still the very real possibility of a cancelled sales contract because of a deficiency listed in the buyer’s home inspection. In fact, now more than ever potential home buyers are willing to walk away from a contract that isn’t “just right”.

If I were to tell you that you will be required by your lender {mortgagee} to give a Death Pledge to buy or refinance your next home would you might think twice and would you want to know more about to whom you were entering into a mortgage agreement with?

When potential home buyers walk into your home and sees clutter, it gives the impression your home is dirty and not well-maintained and this is NOT the impression you want them to have!

In a slow housing market, a competitive edge can be  the difference between a house that sells fast and a house that languishes on the market doomed to the fate of numerous failed price reductions is presentation. Home Staging might …

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In addition to these great tips in my home I implement a zero tolerance policy to cooking inside at all preferring to do all of my cooking outside! While nature’s thermostat rises, so does the cost of keeping your home cool, …

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