Inefficient heating can also add to monthly power bills during colder temperatures. One of the easiest things customers can do to support heating efficiency is to change air filters regularly. A dirty air filter makes a heating system work harder, which uses more energy.

After the time and money spent adorning the home, there is still the very real possibility of a cancelled sales contract because of a deficiency listed in the buyer’s home inspection. In fact, now more than ever potential home buyers are willing to walk away from a contract that isn’t “just right”.

When potential home buyers walk into your home and sees clutter, it gives the impression your home is dirty and not well-maintained and this is NOT the impression you want them to have!

Because of the recent loss of life and property devastation in Joplin, MO and in Oklahoma City and  Tornadoes I thought it would be appropriate to repost some of the most read article on this site this past month; What to consider before …

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5 Things to Consider before choosing a company to restore your home after a catastrophe:   #1 – GET REFERENCES – The media has been very good to communicate this but the Better Business Bureau is only one option and most …

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three little known down payment grants for home buyers in Raleigh North Carolina

Scam artists are nothing new, but there are plenty of reasons to predict there will even more of them due to tough economic times. While they tend to prey on the elderly, anyone who is not cautious and informed is a potential victim. Your best defense is a skeptical mind and knowing what to look out for when you hear that offer that’s “too good to refuse.” Here are some of the most popular, and costly, home improvement scams.