There’s an old adage He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules aka ‘ The Other Golden Rule’. Nothing could be further from the truth in this scenario so the best answer here is ‘It depends’.

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In this Google Hangout we discuss the recent changes to the USDA Rural Development Loan Program

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Credit Repair Companies, even the good ones (and I say that very generously) remind me of a quote from one of my all time favorite private dick movies “the Two Jakes”. In the opening scenes Jake finds himself at the top of the heap, professionally speaking, the “leper with the most fingers.” This is how I feel about credit repair companies, even the good ones are just one finger away from being fingerless.

As part of our continuing service to you, we’d like to offer some tips that may be helpful when you’re looking to purchase a new home or refinance your home loan.
Above all else, pay your bills and start saving.

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How to download actual paper versions Bank Statements when using the Spanish language version of Bank of America online banking. By now everybody should know that getting a mortgage loan to buy a house today is not as easy as …

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How to Get a Free Copy of My Credit Report Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act  (FACTA ) was a law passed by the US Congress in 2004. This act allows consumers to request and obtain a free credit report …

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In my free time I enjoy riding my Felt road bicycle. There is a cliché amongst cyclists, “there are two types of bikers, those who have crashed and those who haven’t crashed yet”. The same can be said about identity theft. It seems like once …

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